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matos vue en afghanistan

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matos vue en afghanistan

Message  marcwolf le Mer 3 Avr - 7:24

charge non creuse pour faire un......trou individuel de combat technologie de la guerre froide.[left]
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------OZ-1 FOXHOLE CHARGE
Designed to dig one-man foxholes (pits) in frozen and hard soils by a blasting method. The OZ-1 charges can also be used to loosen frozen and
hard soils, prior to the dig- ging of foxholes for two or three men, preparing cuts for armoured equipment, as well as building shel- ters for personnel and transport vehicles.
Basic Characteristics
Weight, kg:
charge assembly 3.5
Individual elements:
shaped charge 1.26 shaped charge filler 0.45
HE charge with rocket motor 1.45
HE charge filler 0.65
Overall dimensions when prepared for use, mm:
height 900 base diameter 420
Time required to prepare the charge for use, min 3
Operating temperature range, °C ±50

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